Augmented Support 2.0 – Autumn Update

Bright autumn colors! With the autumn update you have the possibility to design Augmented Support with your branding and in your colors. In addition, the update brings new security features such as two-factor authentication and an improved user experience on smart glasses.

White Label Option
All Augmented Support applications in your own branding!
Our new White Label Option for Augmented Support enables you to offer all AS apps with your own branding, corporate design and URL.
The White Label Option includes
  • Custom logo, background colors and font colors
  • Branding of iOS app, Android app, Web app and Augmented Portal
  • Branding of all email notifications

Benefit from excellent service and remote support with your look and feel!

White labeling boosts your brand visibility and strengthens the relationship with your customers. It helps you to stick out from your competitors with innovative service using remote support software with your brand name. Further white labeling enables you to develop your own business and price model to offer service level agreements and smart services to your customers.

Two-Factor Authentication

Our Augmented Support Apps now offer the option to authenticate users by requiring a second form of identification. Two-factor authentication decreases the probability that someone can impersonate a user and gain access to its accounts.

Users have free choice of any authenticator app on the market in order to get provided with the second factor for the authentication. Our new Smart Glasses Authenticator app has the unique benefit to generate the second factor as a QR code that can be scanned by smart glasses for a convenient login.

Now available in App Store and PlayStore!