Augmented Support 2.0 – Summer Update

New Features for Augmented Support 2.0

We are launching the first big update for Augmented Support 2.0! Brand new features for more security, easy navigation and an even more efficient communication.

Screen Sharing

Improved collaboration through screen sharing. Screen Sharing allows you to share the events and content displayed on your screen with other participants in a support call through the live video feed. The shared screen helps clarify facts precisely. This feature is an add-on which comes with additional costs.

Warning Signal

Industry 4.0 and AR technology are changing the requirements for safety in work environments. That’s why the Augmented Support App has a warning signal feature. With the visual warning signal, the supporter can intervene and warn the technician in the field of any dangers or mistakes. The warning signal stays active until the technician confirms that he is safe.

Compatibility with VUZIX Smart Glasses
Augmented Support now also supports the VUZIX M300 and the VUZIX M300 XL. Do not hestitate to contact us for technical specifications and details about or ordering of VUZIX Hardware.

Large Conference

Large Conference enables support calls with up to 10 participants to ensure that no matter how spread the knowledge is, it can be made available at once or to provide training. With Large Conference, you can extend the Augmented Support Multiconference from 4 to 10 participants. This feature is an add-on which comes with additional costs.

Proven Security

Proven security through independent assesment by German Technical Inspection Agency TÜV Süd.