Toyota Germany reports: 20 percent cost savings in field service

Proven in practice: the investment in ESSERTs remote support solution pays off. Toyota reports 20 percent savings in field service and increased efficiency.

For almost a year, Toyota Deutschland GmbH has been using ESSERT’s Augmented Support solution in quality management for service cases. If the master mechanic in the Toyota dealer’s workshop does not know what to do if he has a problem with a car, he usually asks for support directly from the manufacturer. Then the workshop contacts the Technical Office of the German headquarters, where the experts are located. Prior to the introduction of Augmented Support, they had to hit the road for field service each time to get to the workshop of the Toyota dealer. Since the Technical Office conducts initial service assessments in such service cases using ESSERT’s Augmented Support Software, 20 percent of field service calls have been saved.

Achim Koch, Product Quality Manager at Toyota, comments: “With the augmented support software we can better decide when a field service is really necessary. This increases the availability of the experts, improves the support of our dealers and increases customer satisfaction. The goal in the first year is to reduce 20% of field service through the augmented support software. Each of these missions costs us about 1000 euros, as soon as a significant sum comes together.”

The positive experiences with the use of Augmented Support have led the project drivers at Toyota Deutschland GmbH to identify further use cases. Pilot projects are planned both in the warranty processing as well as directly in the European production plants for the maintenance of the plants.

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Image source: Toyota Deutschland GmbH