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Solve problems collaborative with local service partners and develop new service models.

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Solve problems collaborative with local service partners and develop new service models.

Some products or industries require complex service chains that involve many independent stakeholders. In these cases, our apps help transfer know-how from one organization to another, without bypassing the hierarchy.

Escalate support cases from first-level, to second-level or third-level support to gather the necessary knowledge and expertise to solve the problem. With Multiconference, Ad-hoc Invitations and Augmented Reality technology, you  identify the problem together and find a resolution.

Example Use Case

A car manufacturer operates its service through a multi-level service partner network. These include importers in various countries and authorized workshops or dealers who provide service and direct sales to the manufacturer. In the case of service, the hierarchy of this service chain must be maintained in order to ensure traceable and resource-efficient support.

In the event of a technical problem, the customer brings his car to a trusted workshop which provides first-level support. If the car mechanic needs more information on the technical details of the model, he usually contacts the importer. The importer has in-depth knowledge of each model and provides second-level support to dealers, authorized workshops and customers. With Augmented Support, the importer can help even more efficiently.

In order to help the on-site workshop to solve the technical problem, the importer can invite the employee of the workshop to a support session. The after sales service of the manufacturer, as third-level support, forms the highest authority in this service chain and can also contact the workshop directly in difficult cases. If required, the After Sales Service can invite the importer to a Multiconference as well. By granting permanent licenses to importers and after sales, as well as sending Ad Hoc Invitations to dealers and workshops, the hierarchy of the service process is maintained and prevents capacity overload.


Relief of Third-Level Support + Efficient Knowledge Transfer + Easy Collaboration

Lexus & Toyota Deutschland GmbH

With ESSERT’s Augmented Support visiting a Lexus workshop becomes digital. The interaction between innovative software from ESSERT and Augmented Reality technology will enable customers of the Japanese premium brand Lexus to enjoy maximum convenience and transparency during service appointments { … }

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