Lexus & Toyota Deutschland

Next Level Services at the Lexus Workshop

Anyone who brings their Lexus for a service appointment to the authorized workshop can enjoy maximum comfort thanks to ESSERT’s Digital Service Management Platform. If repairs need to be done, customers no longer have to come and crawl under dirty lifts, but can easily follow the inspection via live video on their PC, tablet or smartphone. With ESSERT’s augmented support app, the visit to the workshop goes digital.

For video transmission, the service mechanic on-site wears augmented reality glasses, specifically the “RealWear” Head Mounted Tablet. This “Head Mounted Tablet” is equipped with a camera, a microphone and speakers and transmits exactly the image to the customer, which the service mechanic is currently facing. First, the technician sends an ad-hoc license via ESSERT’s App Augmented Support via e-mail to the customer, with which the transfer can be started. The customer can talk to the mechanic during this digital service appointment, as in a telephone call, ask him questions and additionally show with a pointer the details of the transferred image. The service mechanic can see in the display of his smart glasses what the customer is pointing at and can go into detail on any questions. For customers, the appointment in the workshop through the live broadcast is more transparent and comfortable. Information about defects and questions can be passed on or addressed directly.

Specialist from the Toyota headquarters help from the distance

Not only does ESSERT’s Digital Service Management Platform provide a new level of customer service, it also greatly simplifies the communication and work of Toyota’s mechanics in the workshop. For complex problems, the AR glasses can connect the mechanic from the dealership with experts from the headquarters in Germany or the European headquarters, who can then provide support from a distance. Therefore, in many cases, the expensive arrival of a specialist is unnecessary. In addition, all relevant documents for the corresponding car, or individual car parts, can be displayed in the display of the AR glasses. In contrast to PC, tablet and smartphone, the AR glasses have the advantage that the hands of the mechanic remain free to work on the car. In this manner service cases are handled faster and the internal knowledge transfer improves. The Digital Service Management Platform also allows Toyota Deutschland to document technical issues and retrieve the solution to a problem at a later date.


„With Augmented Reality, ESSERT improves the communication between our service employees and also creates more transparency for our customers.“

Achim Koch, Head of Product Quality Lexus Deutschland