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Smart Services: 24/7 – machine expertise around the world

21:00 Copenhagen, Denmark. The newspaper Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten is ready for press. But the printing press stands still and the technician can not find the cause of failure. Now machine expertise is needed. Using smart glasses, the technician opens a support call.
Würzburg, Germany, Koenig & Bauer Back Office. The machine supporter notices the request in the augmented portal, connects with the technician and gets to see the transferred image of the machine. The two technicians communicate via VoIP without an additional telephone. Together they quickly diagnose and fix the error immediately. Jyllands-Posten is just in time in the press.

Koenig & Bauer ‘s motivation for Augmented Reality (AR) support via Koenig & Bauer AR-DataGlass

The 32 Koenig & Bauer technicians handle more than 30,000 remote maintenance operations each year for their globally active printing presses. The number of Koenig & Bauer machines in the market is growing, and so is the support volume. Being fast and efficient is especially important when it comes to printing a daily newspaper. Here not only the downtime costs, but also every not punctually delivered newspaper. The first measure to keep the service quality at the usual high level: Koenig & Bauer customers benefit from data protection with spontaneous 24/7 support and minimized downtimes. Each Smart Service customer increases the available support resources.

Great added value for everyone involved thanks to IoT technology

A Koenig & Bauer study proves that nearly half of all remote maintenance operations require customer support. This collaboration is significantly improved by smart glasses, eliminating misunderstandings such as searching for the wrong control panel or exchanged cables and helping to efficiently resolve more complex requirements – without ever having to send a technician.

„The greater the distance to our customers, the better this new technology is adopted. no wonder – thanks to smart glasses, even distances and foreign languages are no longer an issue.“

Albrecht Szeitszam, Head of Service Product Development & Marketing at Koenig & Bauer Digital & Web Solutions
Augmented Support overcomes great distances and language barriers and promotes results-oriented work. Easy collaboration, visual information such as annotations, datasheets or videos on the smart glasses as well as the cost-effective VoIP exchange usually guarantee fast troubleshooting.

With an average runtime of 20 years, including retrofitting and various control generations, machines installed on all continents will increasingly require very special plant know-how. Once recorded, this knowledge of the tech veterans is preserved even with a generational change.

Industrial tutorials for standardized service processes
Another big plus of using smart glasses is that the Koenig & Bauer specialists can record and stream support cases and their solutions with them. These videos are ideal material for internal trainings. Integrated markings help to identify equipment and important details. This ensures that service and maintenance processes are safe, efficient and standardized.
Augmented Content manages the mobile machine file

With the Augmented Content app, Koenig & Bauer bundles and structures its machine information especially for customer service. Koenig & Bauer will gradually build its central, mobile knowledge management.In the Augmented Portal, remote maintenance and service technicians as well as the respective plant operator share their knowledge, experience and solutions.

Company profile
For the long-established company Koenig & Bauer, founded in 1817 in Würzburg, there is nothing that their machines could not print with high quality – no material and no packaging.
Since 2009, Koenig & Bauer customers can customize technical support precisely to their needs. The highly modularized Service Level Agreements (SLA) with Koenig & Bauer PressSupport24 now also include smart services via smart glasses.
Image source: Koenig & Bauer AG