Porsche offers innovative service to customers

Premium service for premium cars! Porsche Zentrum Landau offers its customers a virtual service experience, carried out with our Augmented Support app and RealWear HMT-1 smart glasses. Porsche drivers benefit from maximum transparency during service appointments at their trusted dealership.

With Augmented Support and Augmented Reality glasses, Porsche Zentrum Landau gives its customers the opportunity to participate in workshop visits of their precious Porsche, even if they have to hand over their sports car for service and repair.

The use of Augmented Support not only offers maximum transparency in service, but also while searching for a new sports car. If buyers are interested in the cars of Porsche Zentrum Landau, but have no time for a personal visit, they can simply contact a sales advisor and get a virtual tour of their desired model via the app.

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Images and video: Porsche Zentrum Landau

Virtuell und doch persönlich. Porsche Zentrum Landau