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Ubimax acquires ESSERT Digital

As of October 1st, 2019, Ubimax, the world's leading provider of augmented reality solutions in the corporate environment, will take over ESSERT Digital, a division of ESSERT GmbH, including all products, employees and infrastructure.

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Toyota Germany reports: 20 percent cost savings in field service

Proven in practice: the investment ESSERTs remote support solution pays off. Augmented Support increases efficiency in quality management at Toyota.

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Augmented Support 2.0 - Summer Update

We present the first big update for Augmented Support 2.0 with brand new features!

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ESSERT releast Augmented Support 2.0

Die ESSERT GmbH releast Augmented Support 2.0 mit erweiterten Funktionen, intuitiver User Experience und optimierter Performance.

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Augmented Reality for the car dealership of the future - Lexus trusts in software from ESSERT

With ESSERT's Digital Service Management Platform and the corresponding App Augmented Support the car workshop visit at Lexus becomes digital

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Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality - die feinen Unterschiede

Fachartikel unserer Augmented Reality Entwicklerin, Natascha Stumpp, zur Abgrenzung der Vielzahl an Begriffen für virtuelle und erweiterte Realität

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