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Reduce downtime, boost your business performance and increase productivity.

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Reduce downtime, boost your business performance and increase productivity.

If you use many different complex machines in your company or look after several locations, you can easily connect the technical supporters for your machines with local machine operators in the event of a technical failure. With augmented reality technology and efficient knowledge transfer, you can improve your first time fix and remote resolution rate.

By using smart glasses, smartphones or tablets, you can achieve faster response times and save not only time, but also travel costs for your technicians.

Example Use Case

A producer of consumer goods uses special machines from different manufacturers within his production. In addition, the production is spread over several locations worldwide. The production plants are supervised and operated in shifts by chemists. The supervision of the machines has a senior technician for automation. He takes care of all the technical details of the production facilities and the fact that the plants work without disruption.

But that’s not always the case. If a technical failure occurs, he must intervent immediatly. If necessary, he must even ask for further help from experienced colleagues at other locations. For the company this means production downtime and high costs. There is a faster way to resolve problems: Augmented Support.

Every employee in the production is registered as user in Augmented Support. In the event of technical failure, the employee at the plant can contact the responsible technician with live video to further analyze the problem and find a solution together. Wearing Smart Glasses, the operator at the plant can perform hands-free and follow the instructions of the technician. Features like the AR-pointer, screenshots and markings help the technician to clarify his instructions. With Multiconference, other colleagues can be invited to the support session and contribute their expertise. Together they can quickly get the production up and running without losing valuable time. Automatically generated service reports guarantee a clean documentation of the incident afterwards.


Fast Response Time + Less Downtime + Higher Productivity

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