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Improve the service experience of end users together with your service partners.

Many manufacturers of technical devices rely on a broad network of dealers and service partners who perform end user service on their behalf.

If end users face a problem with a technical device dealers and service partners are the first who are contacted and try to solve the problem. They act as contractors on behalf of the manufacturerer and support the service center. In many cases service partners are responsible for a variety of products from different brands and manufacturers. If end users or service partners do not know enough about the product to fix the problem, our software helps to solve the problem together with the service staff or product specialists of the manufacturer.

Example Use Case

If a washing machine or a dishwasher is broken, the manufacturer’s after-sales service is the first point of contact for private consumers. To complement their factory customer service and provide customers with good service, manufacturers of technical equipment rely on a network of dealers and service partners.

Augmented Support enables home appliance manufacturers to provide better service to their end users and to offer better support to their service partners. In case of service, the manufacturer’s factory customer service can send an ad hoc invitation to the customer by e-mail as a first step. The customer can simply click on a link and follow the instructions of the expert. Together with the customer, the customer service can analyze the problem and try to fix it without much effort.

If a part needs to be replaced or if a major repair is necessary, the central factory customer service can send out a dedicated service technician or commission a service partner. The service technicians can also be supported on site via a support call from the factory customer service.


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