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Enhance customer satisfaction and provide world-class service for your products.

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Enhance customer satisfaction and provide world-class service for your products.

If a production plant is down, your customers immediately face high costs. With our software products, you can offer your customer’s service technicians a quick response time and remote support to get the production up and running again. Provide new innovative services and achieve the goals of your service level agreements at lower costs.

Connect experts from your Service Center via our apps and smart devices with technicians at the customer’s site. As registered users, technicians and experts can communicate directly with each other. However, if the problem is still not resolved, you can invite further support, for example from parts suppliers, thanks to the Multiconference feature.

Example Use Case

A mechanical engineering company develops and sells machines to produce various goods. The machines are individually assembled and installed for each customer. In order to provide better service to its customers and meet service level agreements, the manufacturer offers Remote Service for its machines. To do so, he relies on Augmented Support and smart glasses.

In case of a technical failure at the customer’s site, the manufacturer of the machine can immediately connect experts from his service center with the customer’s registered technician via a video call. With AR pointer and visual instructions, supporters and technicians can solve the problem together. If the problem is caused by a certain part of the system, relevant manuals and documents can be easily shared. If further help is required, service staff of the parts supplier can also be invited to the service session.

Augmented support allows the machine manufacturer to help faster and more directly without having to send an expert to the customer. As a result, the customer incurs substantially lower downtime costs and the manufacturer can achieve the goals of his service level agreement without much effort.



Fast Response Time + Reduced Service Costs + Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Krones AG

Die Krones AG fertigt Komponenten, Maschinen und komplette Anlagen für die weltweite Getränke- und flüssige Lebensmittelindustrie. Das Thema Augmented Reality in die Support-Abläufe zu integrieren, stand im Unternehmen schon länger auf der Agenda und wurde schließlich in Zusammenarbeit mit ESSERT umgesetzt.{ … }

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