Augmented Support 2.0 – Winter Update

Winter is coming to an end and we are releasing our new feature update for Augmented Support 2.0

Monitoring Feature

The new monitoring feature analyses the availability of our cloud services. All monitoring test results and system uptime are provided in real time.

How you benefit from the Monitoring Feature

  • The Monitoring Feature detects possible incidents fast and reliable.
  • Once an incident occurs, a notice is generated and shared with you on the status website. You can also subscribe to get notifications via email.
  • Automated records offer you a history of system availability and overall, more transparency and control.

You will also find planned downtimes on the status website.

View status website

Remote Zoom

Remote Zoom enables support call participants to control the camera zoom of Android devices and Android smart glasses remotely to get a better view of the situation.

Remote Zoom Feature